This movie is a mapping by the drone called 'SAM-217' through a stacked heterotopia in the near future. The name SAM stands for scanning, archiving, and mapping. In this story, SAM tries to capture everything he encounters on its path by using the rapidly evolving technology of scanning and photogrammetry. Scouring the bottom layer we live on today, just as Google maps, it tries to capture as much as possible. In this stacked heterotopia, the current way of documenting the landscape like google would not work. Together with the other SAMs, he can scan and document a lot of data at one glance with its different kinds of lenses. Like sedimentologists, they document everything on the street that gets sifted down from the above layers. It ranges from dirt to floating around data and e-waste. Just as a sedimentologist can read a section of a rock formation, this data will show the history of this future world.

Through the opinionless eyes of the machine, the viewer investigates this future world and what a layered city can bring with it. The robot makes us the viewer, the protagonist in the movie. Through all the dry data passing through the machine's processor, we can see a few narratives unfold. 

Programs used
After Effects

A film produced by Eveline Achten, Manon Persoone and Vincent Adeyemo for the elective Cinematic Architecture 2020 at the faculty of architecture KU Leuven in Ghent.

Models by Eveline Achten and Manon Persoone
VFX, video editing by Vincent Adeyemo
Sound design by Jennifur also know as Hector Devriendt