Automation city is a result of our research which started with a mind map of references. Diving into this matter, we asked ourselves where automation in a city will lead? What kind of scenarios would this bring to existing urban fabrics, and which conflicts could this produce? We gathered the references into a mind map and grouped them by the nature of the subject. While doing this, we started making small speculative concept sketches that made connections in-between these groups. By reiterating this process, these concept sketches became hybrids fusing our imagination with the gathered information. In this process of putting two hybrids next to each other, a new one emerges. Using this mind map as a tool and combining these small hybrids, a futuristic city arises, becoming a big hybrid. This city is a result of repeated reflection and speculation. It doesn’t form a utopic nor a dystopic image but rather a heterotopia. The city is a hybrid of individual opinions, which results in an unbiased representation of a city.

Programs used
After effects

A film produced by Arne Millisen, Ferre Vander elst, Brecht Beddeleem and Vincent Adeyemo for the Fieldstation studio 2020 initiated by Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig at the faculty of architecture KU Leuven in Ghent.